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Speaking a second language: a plus on your CV

Advertorials -
27 February 2017

Sometimes, a small plus on the CV can make all the difference in the job search. Speaking a second language is a big plus. Often, an employer has to choose between two candidates who have similar skills, but if one of them knows a second language...

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The Chief Happiness Officer is here!

Job market -
23 November 2016

Are you cheerful and understanding? Do you know how to lift the spirits of your friends when they are down like nobody else? In that case you can stop your job search now, we have just the position you are looking for: Chief Happiness Officer...

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Generation Z is breaking work norms

Job market -
28 October 2015

Each cohort conceives of work in its own way. Generation Y, the people born between the end of the 70s and the mid-90s, broke the work conventions of their elders by seeking out more flexibility and freedom. But the tables are already beginni...

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Switzerland gears up for the 4th industrial revolution

Job market -
9 September 2015

May was a good month for Swiss industry. Purchasing increased by 4 points, climbing to 51 from 46.7 points in the previous month. However, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and the unions predict job losses by the end of the year, connecte...

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Facebook and Twitter enter the world of recruitment

Job market -
10 June 2015

Nowadays, there is no single approach to finding a new employee. Career speed dating, interactive recruitment, talent matchmaking – there are many effective ways of finding the ideal profile. Nevertheless, one trend is becoming increasingly...


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