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A morning routine proven to increase productivity

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7 September 2016

A morning routine proven to increase productivity

It’s not always easy to be motivated at work first thing in the morning. However, your brain is more active and more creative in the first 3 hours after waking than at any other time in the day. Your energy level and willpower are also at their maximum after a good night’s sleep, so it’s the perfect time to get to work!

To make the most of your mornings, it is important to establish a routine. Get up every day at the same time, and once you’re up, do some light exercise, this will stimulate your body and mind. But there’s no need to exhaust yourself, the goal here is not to waste your energy. Go for a healthy breakfast rich in protein, which will give you a further boost. If you feel the need to snack during the morning, grab some fresh or dried fruit, which is packed with vitamins and will improve your performance at work. It goes without saying that you should avoid sugary and fatty foods as they will make you feel tired.

Once you get to the office, make the most of your 3 most productive hours. To do so, complete your most complex and important tasks as soon as you get to work. Work intensively during this timeslot and avoid distractions and interruptions if possible.

To make your mornings even more productive, delay carrying out the most time consuming tasks that don’t require you to be at your best until later in the day. Don’t check your emails straightaway, wait instead until the end of the morning to open your inbox, when the most important tasks will have been completed. Likewise, don’t arrange meetings for early in the morning, unless they are highly important.

With this maximum productivity routine, you’ll be able to make the most of your workday!

Christelle Genier

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