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Speaking a second language: a plus on your CV

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27 February 2017

Speaking a second language: a plus on your CV

Sometimes, a small plus on the CV can make all the difference in the job search. Speaking a second language is a big plus. Often, an employer has to choose between two candidates who have similar skills, but if one of them knows a second language, he/she definitely has more chances to get the job.

And an internship or work experience abroad is even better: it shows that you are able to adapt to any kind of working circumstances and that you have a very open mind.

If you have already travelled to a country where they don’t speak your native language, you know what we are talking about: travelling, in particular on your own, forces you to push your limits and learn a lot about yourself and your ability to face the unknown.

A new job involves a lot of uncertainty and change: new colleagues, a new environment, new tasks… Travelling abroad will help you much more than what you think: in fact, you will develop your soft skills, which are very much appreciated by employers. Adaptability, initiative, open-mindedness, independence and autonomy, tolerance and curiosity – all these are qualities you may acquire during your stay abroad.

Spending some time in a foreign country requires great adaptability to face both the new environment and the new costumes and traditions. Buying groceries in the UK, taking a taxi in India, asking for a coffee in Italy… a simple, everyday task can be a real challenge, in a foreign land!

Finally, learning a new language will allow you to job hunt in other countries. This means that if your dream job is in Chicago or in London, you will be able to apply without fearing your Skype interview.

If you choose a language stay, you will be able to combine a trip abroad with the acquisition of a new language. You will have the chance to travel and immerse yourself in a new culture, whilst taking a language course and achieving your goals. With ESL – Language studies abroad, you can learn Business English or find a job abroad – the perfect way to improve your CV!

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