Domingo F. Marketing, Lausanne

Career management -
7 May 2008

Domingo F. Marketing, Lausanne

1)  Give the definition of your profession that would mostly describe it.  

Position title:  Assistant in charge of the range of provisions on the market of the PME.

To assist the Head in charge of the range of provisions,

To assist the Sales presenter of the PME, Marketing and sales assistant

I used to assist the Head in charge of the range of provisions, the sales Presenter and the marketing Director of the PME. We stood between the Management of the Commercial department and the front in direct relation to Marketing.   


2)  Describe the career path you followed to explain how you got there.         

The Federal Certificate of Marketing Technician

The SAWI Diploma of Marketing Technician

Certificate of cashier - advice on the different banking products

first year of Law succeeded, University of Lausanne, faculty of Law


3)  Share your testimonial with us. It entails stressing the positive and negative points.

A position with various activities which gathers creation and the launch of banking products, but also the strength sales support by the creation of aid at sales events.

Participation to the development of events (demonstrations), competitor analysis (comparative and evolutive studies) and participation to a new site for Internet Enterprises.

The position included a lot of statistics (control panel) and a lot of analyses. Moreover, the fact that I was the assistant of three persons sometimes made the tasks and the responsibilities confusing.
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