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Microcity, the future global center of microtechnology

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5 March 2015

Microcity, the future global center of microtechnology

Inaugurated last year in Neuchatel, the center Microcity wants to be the European, or even global, center of microtechnology. Many jobs will be created through the birth of this new campus: no less than 600 people will work in the long term in this city. As a collaboration between EPFL and the State of Neuchâtel, Microcity gathers the CSM (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology) and Neode, a business incubator (note: a structure that accompanies company creation projects). In order to provide this visibility in Neuchâtel, and this new title of leader in edge technology, the state will pay 70 million, which is the cost of Microcity.

The building dedicated to innovation is at the center of attention of the general public - some 4,500 visitors attended the event during the three days of opening - but also of engineers and scientists. EPFL has installed no less than 10 professorships in the 10,000 m2 building of Microcity. After the integration of IMT in 2009, it is the second time that this university situated Lausanne is housed in Neuchâtel.

And EPFL does not stop there: other specialized branches will arise in other parts of Switzerland. "In Fribourg, we will work on intelligent buildings of the future, less energy, revealed Philippe Gillet, Vice President of EPFL. In Geneva, the problems of neurodegenerative diseases will be at the heart of our concerns and in Valais, we will work on the energy crisis."

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