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Cristalmind, relaxing at home

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27 June 2008

Cristalmind, relaxing at home

Workplace stress leaves no one insensitive, whatever place, framework or job in practice it is. What can be done in order to prevent stress from exercising its negative effects on our physical health and mental sanity? Attending an appointment for a massage in order to unwind? Doing sports ... We are usually reduced daily to a poor amount of time as for taking care of our health. So, wouldn't it be more practical in a short while to be able to get rid of our tensions?

The relaxation therapy stemming from Antic India, called Shirodhara, is an efficient way to fight against stress. The technique entails leaving the regular flow of a tempered liquid drip on the forehead during twenty to thirty minutes or even more, at will. This smooth frontal caress sinks us into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. The benefit takes place within a blink of an eye. Straight away the body relaxes; the mind is free from thoughts; and we can therefore live a state of mental silence which brings vitality, energy and wellness.    

This therapy has existed in India for thousands of years, but it wasn't until the XXI th century before it became accessible to the reach of everyone. That antic technique being difficult to apply everyday under its traditional form, a Swiss doctor, Dr Bertrand Martin, had the idea of adapting it to the constraints of modern life. He developed an apparatus allowing us to receive this therapy at home, or at the office, even more on a trip in an utterly autonomous manner.

This is a real holiday that one can take everyday, the feeling of being totally unconnected from the difficulties of the difficult life which many of us lead.  

The Crystalmind apparatus does carry its name well indeed. One comes out of a session with a clear and peaceful mind. It is practical, very easy to use, and is set within two minutes on a bed, a mattress, a blanket even on the ground. It is meant as much for individuals as for managers concerned about the wellness of their employees and who thus can easily set up efficient relaxing spaces in their enterprises.



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