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Create your Jobtic account created a recruiter webpage to help you with your recruitment campaign.


Companies use to successfully recruit top candidates. We process all the data entry, manage your job offers and adapt them to your needs. Whether you enter your own data or you let do the work for you, we are always working to find solutions that cater to your needs.


Services available to recruiters

-Check out our database

-Post a quick automated ad (30 days) or by subscription (6 or 12 months)

-Post an ad by job category or by specific target groups

-Control the entire recruiting process ( workflow)

-Check out our communication services (company presentation, surveys, etc.)

-Use our portal ( ??, company of the week, banner, link, etc.)


Create and manage job offers from your account.

Manage your online ads quickly and easily

Personalized online assistance and advice

A multitude of products to meet your needs

We invite you to find out more about our benefits and fees for 2011.  Also find out more about the ensemble of services at your disposal and peruse information pertinent to you and your search.Subscribe

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Recruiters:  Three services available to you


-Quick adby credit card

-Services and subscriptionsolutions which are right for you

-Portalslet the candidates get to know you