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Ma personnalité

Elevata adattabilità e flessibilità; Entusiasmo e dinamismo; Leadership e grande curiosità:

Mes compétences professionnelles

Capacità di organizzare e dirigere la qualità del lavoro; Capacità di stabilire credibilità personale; Spiccata propensione al lavoro di gruppo; Anticipare situazioni critiche;

Mes objectifs et motivations

Dopo 11 anni di consulenza direzionale ad altissimi livelli vorrei mettere in pratica il bagalio di esperienza attraverso responsabilità e obiettivi sfidanti


Name and surname: Mario Carsaniga

Date of birth:15/06/1973


Address:Via Rusconi 24 - Como (ITALY)

Mobile: +39 3484657701

Languages:Italian - mother tongue

English - advanced (written and spoken), perfectioned during my follow experience:

2011: work experience in Ticino (CH) with English as the language of communication

2009: work experience in Monaco of Bavaria with English as the language of communication;

2007/08: work experience in Moscow, with English as the language of communication;

2004: English course at Linguarama in Milan;

2003/04: work experience in Bratislava, using English as the language of communication;

2002: English language course at Berlitz Language Centers in Milan.

1998: English course at Cork Language Centre International, Cork (Ireland);

1997: English course at International House, Hastings (UK);


French - school

Spanish - base, learned during my experience in Barcelona as a consultant (Accenture) at Fibanc Banca Mediolanum


For 11 years he worked at three multinational companies to management consulting (Andersen Consulting, Accenture, Deloitte and Serin Fincons Group) and has acquired skills and functional area management in Banking and Media (SKY).

Its activities are conducted primarily in the following areas:

SystemIntegration: from the collection requirements for the production of functional analysis and technical monitoring of the development and management of tests following standard methodologies (ADM, PMMI, etc.).

DataQuality Management:defining framework of quality control data in systems of governance and accountability

RiskManagement:Basel II, Data Management, Data Quality Management

Channels:Corporate Internet Banking and assuming the role of expert in Internet and corporate banking merger IntesaSanpaolo, Call Center and other channels (SMS, promoters, etc.).

CRM:Fraud Detection (Siebel configuration), Sales Force Automation (Microsoft CRM), CRM Transformation (Siebel - SKY-DE)

Migration:procedural; Systems (gap analysis); Bank (Cariparma - Credit Agricole, Banca Intesa - San Paolo)

Security: I & AM (Identity and Access Management)

Credit:Production platform credit collection process Credit

Outsourcing:Outsourcing in Project Management

ITAssessment:Bank and Insurance


2003Certificate WICE.Technologies. NET Framework

1998 - 2008Course in:Accent on C, Siebel Basic, Siebel Designer School, Understanding Financial Statement, Why Finance Matter, Strategic Planning, Management Fundamentals, Effective Presentations Course, Communication Course, Interaction Course, Project Management Practices-Control & Report, Project Management Practices; Planning & Estimating.

06/2008Graduatedin Business Administration(Business Address) at the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore di Milano.

work experiences

12/2010 - TodaySerin SA, Lugano, Switzerland

Profile: Project Manager

06/2011 - nowCredit Suisse (Giubiasco) and Aduno Gruppe SA - Account Manager

06/2011 - nowCredit Suisse (Giubiasco) - Test Manager

Project: Implementation an algorithm for the automatic calculation of Economic Risk Capital (ERC)

Profile: Test Manager
Responsibility: As Test Manager has direct responsibility for:

• Test Plan

• Test Schedule

• Test Effort estimation

• Test Design

• Support on cross project activity

12/2010 - 06/2011Aduno Gruppe SA - New Merchant Back Office

Project: Implementation & migration to the new b/o applications
Profile: Project Manager
Responsibility: As Project Manager has direct responsibility for:

• Functional analyses implementation

• Integration Test

• Communication and relations with users for acceptance of the new instruments

• Defining evolution of the instrument with IT managers with the

• Bug tracking

• Start-up Application maintenance

12/2010 - TodaySerin SA- pre-sales support and structure of HR to manage new business opportunities

05/2008 - 11/2010Deloitte Consulting S.p.A., Milano, Italia

Profile: IT Advisory Financial Services Manager

12/2009 - 11/2010Monte dei Paschi di Siena - CO.MET.A:

Project:SAP Implementation (Accounting and Budget)


Responsibility:As Project Manager has direct responsibility for:

• Functional analyses implementation

• Test Manager of the entire production process of the budget (data management, interfaces, system loading, system features, functionality and user reports):

o start-up testing process by defining the test strategy and standard tools (issue-log; management processes, templates report)

o test plans, test cases, test scripts, test data, test reports definition

o monitoring test and management communication

• Functional and organizational User interface so as to manage the Test Factory

06/2010 - 07/2010Clessidra SGR SPA

Project:Due Diligence Liguria Assicurazioni

Profile:IT Area Responsable

Responsibility:IT Area Responsible has direct responsibility for:

• Assessment as-is

• Functional coverage assessment

• Advisory target architecture

12/2009 - 06/2010Monte dei Paschi di Siena - CO.MET.A

Project:Data Quality Management (Accounting and Financial Reporting)


Responsibility:As PM for DQM Area has had direct responsibility for:

• Functional requirements on data quality definition

• Closures accounting process definition

• Presidio closures accounting definition

• Reconciliation target definition

09/2009 - 12/2009Sky Deutschland - CRM Trasformation

Project:Project Manager AMS & Application Operation

Profile:Project Manager

Responsibility:Project Manager with the responsibility of the stream AMS Application & Operation, under the supervision of about 20 people, has had direct responsibility for:

• Management and execution of:

o analysis,

o implementation,

o testing

o delivery of the functionality defined in the maintenance, evolution and adaptive system based on Siebel CRM 8.0 area.

• Monitoring activity, release and maintenance of operational CRM application (based on Siebel 8.0) and Smart Card Management System, based on SLA 24x7.

• Test team management for the issuing of individual capabilities through the establishment and maintenance of instruments for monitoring and reporting methodology derived from Deloitte

03/2009 - 07/2009CREDEM - Basel II

Project:Data Quality Management

Profile:Project Manager and Functional expert

Responsibility:IT Project Manager on the issues of Data Quality Management with direct responsibility for the methodology, analysis, design and implementation of quality control checks on the data.

09/2008 - 04/2009UBI Banca - Basel II

Project:Rating system data management, back testing models

Profile:Program Manager - Data management (Manager)

Responsibility:as Project Manager supervised all activities necessary for the creation of data management. From the creation of the database to the selection of help files needed to develop models

06/2008 - 03/2009IntesaSanpaolo

Project:Validation and Audit DSI

Profile:Program Manager - Support Desk Head Validation and Audit DSI (Manager)

Responsibility:Support Desk Head Validation and Audit in the management planning and monitoring activities of the system needed to Demand Management and Internal Validation of the Risk Management

05/2008 - 08/2008Barclays Risk Management

Project:Basel II Credit Risk

Profile:Program Manager - PMO Support WS Risk Management (Manager)

Responsibility:PMO Support WS Risk Management (Manager) in:

• Basel II architecture TO BE definition

• identification of functional requirements for macro behavioral scores;

• project planning, management and coordination, monitoring activities and project reporting;

• identification of functional requirements for the lab environment

12/1999 - 04/2008Andersen Consulting/Accenture, Milan, Italy

Profile: Senior Consultnat Financial Services

01/2008 04/2008Micos Banca(Gruppo Mediobanca) - Che Banca!:

Project:Start up new Bank "Che Banca!”

Profile:Functional expert - Responsible for relationships with external suppliers

Responsibility:Support to the development of new internet banking platform with the role of functional expert of the developments under the supervision of 8-10 developers. Responsible for relations with external suppliers (SEC; SSB)

Preparing plans and test cases following the standard ADM (Accenture Delivery Method)

07/2007 - 12/2007KMB Bank - Small Business Credit Bank - IntesaSanapaolo Group (Moscow - Russia)

Project:new architecture T24 project implementation for new products / services / procedures on the current system of the Bank

Profile:Project Manager - IT Manager reports to the Bank Management

Responsibility:has had direct responsibility for

• project Manager in a team of about 40 people (Russian and Polish)

• management during the transition phase

• interface between Business and IT in order to clarify the requirements and take responsibility, as well as monitor the activities of individual suppliers.

• monitoring suppliers activities defining method of testing for all IT projects outsourced

02/2007 - 07/2007Credit Agricole - Cariparma

Project:Sales and acquisition of 173 branches: Support startup of operations and migration

Profile:Project manager -IT activity supervision

Responsibility:Project Manager with the responsibilities of 12 people team. Management of all activities necessary for the migration of the 173 Intesa branches to the new Cariparma system. (From the ATM to the modification of contractual activities to individual developments).

Monitoring the work of IT migration and action planning,with particular attention to testing activities.

06/2005 - 02/2007Intesasanpaolo - Banca Intesa

Project:Merger project between Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo IMI; project to rebuild the public portal of Banca Intesa; Draft development platform Intesa Corporate Banking OnLine

Profile:Project Manager


• Expert in Internet Banking and Corporate Banking: As an expert he has supported the leaders of the two banks to estimate the necessary functional integration gap

• Support the manager in the Private Bank area in:

o interface with the business

o planning new projects

o monitoring of planned activities and manage critical

o Test new functionalities

• Support the project manager of platform development of Corporate Banking and Intesa OnLine Enterprise PMO throughout the project, following the final accounting issues, proposals and requirements gathering of the whole project. Interface with marketing and sales divisions. Management of 3 senior consultants and a junior analyst. In addition to working with the management operating systems in the review process devices and Information.

02/2004 - 06/2005Intesa Sistemi Servizi- Identity & Access Management

Project:Migration of applications from internal IT security architecture of ISS's Identity and Access Management

Profile:Project Manager


• Responsible for the project team of Risk Analysis and integration architecture and I & AM PMO throughout the project, following the issues of reporting and business proposals.

• Support activities to the representatives of Area:

o gap analysis;

o estimating and planning;

o Test monitoring

o monitoring of critical issues and preparation of communication document, design guidelines and work progress.

• Responsible for the project team of Risk Analysis and Coordination of Migration, managing two consultants, interfacing with the three involved (customer, supplier of the product, end user).

10/2003 - 02/2004VUB Banca Intesa - Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

Project:Implementation of the technology platform for credit recovery (CREDEX)

Profile:Project Manager - functional Manager

Responsibility:Project Manager and Test Manager:

• deployment and functional tests, as the holder of the Know - How to Credex.

• development of interface between the Italian team and the customer Slovak

• Test Manager:

o start-up testing process by defining the test strategy and tools to support standards (such as issue-log; management processes, templates report)

o test plans, test cases, test scripts, test data definition

02/2003 - 10/2003CREDEX

Project:Creation of a web technology platform, access governed, for purposes of support of the different actors involved in the early stages of the process of debt collection

Profile:Project Manager

Responsibility:Project Manager, has had direct responsibility for:

• functional analyses

• development monitoring

• allocate and monitor the activities of bug-fixing and system test

management of a diverse team of people (consultants Accenture and Stage) than 12 people

10/2002 - 01/2003Banca Popolare Commercio Industria

Project:"Evoluzione Sportello”

Profile:Functional analyst

Responsibility: Gap analysis on the functional area of ​​ATM Banking (current accounts, savings deposits, etc.). In particular, the main activities are summarized and identifying the gap between three different systems with a close collaboration with the client.

08/2002 - 10/2002Clarima - Gruppo Unicredit

Project:Fraud Detection System (CRM)

Profile:Functional analyst

Responsibility: analysis and application configuration using Siebel to implement controls on fraud detection in the evolution of the Call Center application for the issuance of credit cards associated;

04/2002 - 08/2002Banca Mediolanum

Project:CAD migration

Profile:Project Manager

Responsibility:project management process to adjust to their new titles for both CAD application Call Center, Internet. Implementations of this new business by changing the architecture, managing external resources in close collaboration with the client; taking care testing activity (execution and reporting), following the methodologies Accenture.

07/2001 - 04/2002Fibanc (Gruppo Banca Mediolanum)

Project:Feasibility study for the new information system for multi-channel, multi-channel implementation project

Profile:Functional analyst


• Responsible for the feasibility study:

o loading of the central database with the data in the AS/400 database object,

o implementation of the new multi-channel system;
participating in presentations to the customer and the determination of estimates of the project;

• Supervising the implementation of call center applications according to the document analysis and the Italian experience:

o creation and management of transmission flows to populate the application to the Agents (the Promoter's Desk).

o responsible for creating the design document of the call center, specifying the functionality covered by the requests from the Bank, defining the navigation flows for the application and its data model, and determining how they could reuse the existing development of the application Internet;

12/1999 - 07/2001Banca Mediolanum

Project:Implement new capabilities and call center service quality report

Profile:Functional analyst e developer


• Implementation, testing and integration of the SMS service;

• In accordance with the customer to analyze and complete requests for new features, in addition to filling in the report relating to the quality of service activities on the project.

technical skills

Application Package: CRM Microsoft


Software: Microsoft Office,

Microsoft Project,


Front Page,

Crystal Report,

Oracle Database,


Call Center

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