Recruiting Trends 2010 Switzerland

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15 April 2010

Recruiting Trends 2010 Switzerland

A study by shows that qualified workers are lacking in Switzerland. This study, by the name of "Recruiting Trends 2010 Switzerland", was done in collaboration with the 500 biggest companies in Switzerland. A priori, this lack is not connected to the recent weakening of the economy. Indeed, the rarity of skilled workers seems to be a constant: Swiss companies estimate that about three vacant positions out of ten are extremely difficult to fill, if not impossible.
"The trend predicted in the 1980's in terms of 'War for Talents' is getting confirmed as clearly as it is unexpected. More than ever, companies are forced to innovate and take new paths to find the best candidates in time", says Falk von Westarp, Country Manager Switzerland for Monster Worldwide. "Today, Swiss employers of all sizes recruit very easily and quickly in foreign countries, via international online job grants. Likewise, the direct access to social networks and their platforms offer their clients job grants of a new kind."
Besides,'s study shows the following results:
- more than six recruitings out of ten are done through Internet, that's a first
- most applications are sent through e-mails, that's also a first
"Recruiting Trends 2010 Switzerland" will be presented in May 2010, but only to an audience of experts. Journalists may obtain accreditation, but the general public will not be allowed in.
(Translated from French by NM)
Original article in French

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